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Dare the School Build a New Social Order?

Dare the School Build a New Social Order?

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George S. Counts. Preface by Wayne J. Urban


Paperback (Other formats: E-book)
72 pages, 4.75 x 7.75


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About the Book

George S. Counts was a major figure in American education for almost fifty years. Republication of this early (1932) work draws special attention to Counts’ s role as a social and political activist. Three particular themes make the book noteworthy because of their importance in Counts’ s plan for change as well as for their continuing contem­porary importance: (1) Counts’ s crit­icism of child-centered progressives; (2)     the role Counts assigns to teachers in achieving educational and social re­form; and (3) Counts’ s idea for the re­form of the American economy.


Wayne J. Urban is Associate Profes­sor, Department of Educational Foun­dations, Georgia State University.


“ Certain to give hope to all who be­lieve educational reform is still possible.”        — Change