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Middle Works of John Dewey, Volume 8, 1899 - 1924

Middle Works of John Dewey, Volume 8, 1899 - 1924

Essays and Miscellany in the 1915 Period and German Philosophy and Politics and Schools of Tomorrow

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John Dewey. Edited by Jo Ann Boydston


584 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, 29 illustrations

Collected Works of John Dewey


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About the Book

Volume 8 comprises all Dewey’s pub­lished writings for the year 1915—andonlyfor 1915,a year of typically ele­vated productivity, which saw publica­tion of fifteen articles and miscellaneous pieces and three books, two of which are reprinted here: German Philosophy and Politics and Schools of Tomorrow.

Professor Hook says that the publica­tions in this volume reveal John Dewey at the height of his philosophical pow­ers. Even though his greatest works were still to come—Democracy and Education, Experience and Nature, The Quest for Certainty,and Logic: The Theory of Inquiry—“thethemes elaborated there­in were already sounded and developed with incisive brevity in the articles and books of this banner year.”


Sidney Hook, Professor Emeritus, New York University, is a Senior Fel­low at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace at Stanford Uni­versity, and President of the John Dewey Foundation.

Jo Ann Boydston, General Editor of the Middle Works, is Director of the Center for Dewey Studies at Southern Illinois Univer­sity at Carbondale.