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Theory and Craft of the Scenographic Model, Revised Edition

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Darwin Reid Payne


192 pages, 10 x 7


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About the Book

Through diagrams, sketches, and mod­els, along with explications of the essen­tial tools and materials required, Payne defines and delineates the precise step-by-step procedures of scenographic mod­elmaking: the basic preparations of con­struction, the process of making the model, and the experimental aspects of modelmaking. This new edition with 50 additional illustrations and other new information offers teachers, students, and beginning professionals alike a com­plete and comprehensive approach to creating and constructing the sceno­graphic model.


Darwin Reid Payne, Adjunct Professor of Theater at Wake Forest University at Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was for­merly Chairman of the Theater Depart­ment of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He has designed and di­rected at regional theaters throughout the United States and Canada.