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Corporate Aviation Management

Corporate Aviation Management

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Raoul Castro. Foreword by Torch Lewis


Paperback (Other formats: E-book)
352 pages, 6 x 9, 79 illustrations


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About the Book

In this comprehensive aviation manual, Raoul Castro provides a source of invaluable corporate aviation management information. He begins by giving an overview of corporate aviation from its inception, then focuses on the management principles and functions that specifically target corporate aviation. Through the utilization of these sound management principles, Castro facilitates the acceptance of corporate aircraft as indispensable tools of industry.

As Castro notes, few companies know how to use corporate aircraft to maximum advantage. Drawing on his expertise and experience, Castro designs a plan by which a company can achieve maximum utilization of an airplane or helicopter fleet. He gives specific instructions on how to facilitate the efficient use of the aviation department of a company, select appropriate aircraft, plan for disasters and establish security measures, fulfill legal requirements of the governmental agencies that regulate the use of aircraft, and manage the maintenance and repair of aircraft. Castro also discusses the scores of details involved in the management of a professional corporate aviation branch and how these details can be handled in a positive, productive manner.

After thoroughly examining the overall managerial functions involved in planning, organizing, controlling, and implementing an aviation arm, Castro concludes by discussing the future of corporate aviation.

This book is a practical and valuable guide for the executive in charge of an aviation department, an aviation department manager or chief pilot, aspirants to aviation management positions, and both students and teachers of aviation management.


Raoul Castro is the president of AIMS, Inc., in Upland, California, and the author of more than forty-five articles on corporate aviation and other aviation-related subjects.


"This is an excellent comprehensive text for aviation managers—a field in which there is a vacuum of comprehensive guidance."—Richard M. Ware, Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics