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Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Volume 7, Habgood to Houbert

Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers, and Other Stage Personnel in London, 1660-1800

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Philip H. Highfill, Jr., Kalman A. Burnim, and Edward A. Langhans


NLEB (Other formats: Hardcover)
448 pages, 6.875 x 9.75, 134 illustrations

Biographical Dictionary of Actors & Actresses, 1660-1800


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About the Book

Volume 7 includes such notables as the composers Handel and Haydn and the alluring actress Elizabeth Hartley.


Philip H. Highfill, Jr., is a professor emeritus of English at George Washington University.

Kalman A. Burnim is emeritus Fletcher Professor of Drama at Tufts University.

Edward A. Langhans is an emeritus professor of drama and theatre at the University of Hawaii.


“Should take its place with The London Stage as one of the major and enduring research tools for students of our period.” —Eighteenth Century Studies