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Understanding Buddhism

Understanding Buddhism

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Nolan Pliny Jacobson


E-book (Other formats: Paperback)
6 x 8.5, 1 illustrations


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Jacobson presents Buddhism unen­cumbered by Western categories and concepts, free from the cognitive bias, from the concept-oriented, definition-minded preoccupations inherited from the ancient Greeks. It is an interpreta­tion of the central ideas that have charac­terized all forms of Buddhism for 25 centuries.


Nolan Pliny Jacobson is the author of The Heart of Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhism: The Religion of Analysis, and Buddhism and the Contemporary World: Change and Self-Correction.


Understanding Buddhism is one of the most beautiful and least-known books on Buddhism in English, a series of fresh, often stunningly original, essays."—Huston Smith and Philip Novak, Buddhism: A Concise Introduction

Understanding Buddhism is an extremely well organized study, reflecting clear thinking and lucid style. . . . The scholarly approach is outstanding. . . . The width and depth of the author’s knowledge of both Western and Buddhist traditional ideas are far beyond what is often presented as a comparative study.”—Herbert Guenther

Understanding Buddhism is at once historical, philosophical, dialogic, and humanistic. Jacobson’s approach is profoundly intercultural and universal.”
—Kenneth K. Inada